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Acne is caused by an over production of sebum an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands. Hormonal changes due to puberty are the most common cause of acne. But other events such as pregnancy can also cause a change in hormones. Sebaceous glands release their oil into the follicles. When there is an over-production of the sebaceous glands these oils will block the follicle. As excess sebum is produced these clogged pores and follicles will grow larger and become inflamed. In sever cases these blocked pores can become injured and pustules can form.
Dr Krakowsky recommends only the most effective, tested, tried and true acne treatments to his Toronto acne patients.

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Four in five people are affected by acne some time in their lives. Acne is characterized by clogged pores, inflamed follicles, and pimples on the skin. Acne can occur on the face, chest, or upper body area. Acne is usually seen in teenage years. However, acne is also seen in about 5% of adults and afflicts both males and females equally. Regardless, acne can become a socially devastating condition. The good news is that in many cases acne particularly teenage acne - will clear up on its own. In certain cases, however, acne will persist and may require to other psychological issues such as poor self confidence, anxiety and isolation.
Acne affects up to 80% of teens, and up to 5% of people suffer from adult acne. Fortunately, acne can now be treated well. Dr Krakowsky uses cryotherapy, intralesional injections a medical treatment consisting of topical creams and gels, oral antibiotics and oral Accutane/Clarus - to treat his Toronto acne patients.


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Dr Krakowsky proudly offers his Toronto, North York, and Mississauga patients avariety of highly effective treatmetns including acne and Toronto hyperhidrosis.