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Most of us donít like the effects of aging on our face; and until recently there wasnít much any one could do about it. As we age our face begins to droop, lose firmness and contour, and expression wrinkles begin to set in permanently. A person with strong glabellar lines Ė wrinkles that firm between the eyebrows - might look concerned or stressed. Luckily, Botox® ca help. Dr Krakowsky is a highly experienced Botox® injector and has been helping his Toronto Botox® injection patients turn the clock back by softening their facial line sand wrinkles. The glabellar line is caused by deeply set facial muscles known as corrugator supercilii. Every time these muscles are utilized they create a vertical line between the eyebrows. This vertical line can become permanent with over-use of these muscles on a long-term basis. Botox® injections can soften this permanent line and restore your faceís natural contour and beauty.


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Many patients who choose to undergo treatments for acne and hyperhidrosis in Toronto seek Dr Krakowsky. His knowledge and dedication helps to deliver the best results possible for his Toronto and Mississauga Juvederm patients.