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Causes of Acne Prevention and Treatment of Acne

Acne is typically caused by a combination of a few factors. Often the onset of acne is in puberty when oil glands in the skin start to overproduce oil. A male hormone known as androgen will also contribute to acne by affecting the sebaceous glands. This hormone is also found in females though in lesser amounts. In essence, acne is caused when sebaceous oil glands discharge oil into hair follicles. During puberty skin cells are shed at a more rapid pace presenting a material with which the hair follicles can become clogged. Although dead skin cells alone cannot plug pores, when combined with sebum (oil) that is produced by the oil glands they provide a sticky mix that will plug hair follicles. The sebaceous glands will continue to produce oil which cannot escape to the surface of the skin because of plugged pores. This leads to creation of whiteheads and black heads. Many Toronto acne patients come to visit Dr Krakowsky at this stage. Finally, acne bacteria present on the surface of skin finds its way to the mix which by now presents a perfect breeding ground. Clogged pores become irritated leading to inflammation and even infection. Plugged pores and follicles will finally rupture under internal pressure by the oily mix resulting in the spread of infection to surrounding skin. This can lead to development of severe acne.

At our Toronto acne clinic , Dr Krakowsky places a heavy emphasis not only on treating severe acne, but also on preventing acne from becoming a severe by treating it at the right time.


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Dr Krakowsky is an experienced acne doctor with over 35 years of practice in treating acne. He also offers other state of the art facial rejuvenation treatments such as Toronto hyperhidrosis, fillers, and Botox.