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Kenalog Injection for Acne Treatment in Toronto

Kenalog injections are one of several forms of acne treatment provided by Dr Krakowsky to treat acne for his Toronto acne patients. The technical name for this substance is triamcinolone. The major benefit of this substance is its property to prevent the release of elements in the body that cause inflammation. In diluted concentrations Kenalog is injected directly into acne nodules/cysts. In higher concentration Kenalog is used for treatment of keloid scars and other conditions.
Kenalog injections are very effective in immediate treatment of acne. However, Kenalog injections are not suggested for persons with an allergy to triamcinolone, or a condition called ITP, which Dr Krakowsky will discuss with you at the time of your consultation. It is still possible to receive Kenalog injections for acne treatment if you have some of these or other conditions; however, you may need a dose adjustment or special tests.

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Kenalog Acne Treatment Special Instructions

This acne treatment modality, while very effective, may cause unusual results with certain medical tests; e sure to tell your family physician that you are being treated with triamcinolone injection to control your acne problem.

The Kenalog Injection Procedure for Acne Treatment

Dr Krakowsky will inject Kenalog directly into your acne lesions or pimples. This helps to contain the activity in the body which causes inflammation. Kenalog treatments are often taken on a monthly basis to control difficult cases of acne.
Acne affects up to 80% of teens, and up to 5% of people suffer from adult acne. Fortunately, acne can now be treated well. uses cryotherapy, intralesional injections a medical treatment consisting of topical creams and gels, oral antibiotics and oral Accutane/Clarus - to treat his Toronto acne patients.


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