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Acne is caused by clogged pores that become inflamed over time. Acne scarring, in turn, is formed by the body's natural response to inflammation of clogged pores. Many Toronto acne patients might be at risk of developing acne scars if the acne is ignored and left untreated. In sever acne cases cysts that can occur beneath the skin will also trigger an inflammatory response and lead to acne scarring.

Generally speaking, acne scars don't get better on their own, although in certain cases the severity of acne scars may diminish over long periods of time. In other cases acne scarring may actually worsen with time. This is the reason why treating acne is so critical in the early stages. If treated properly and in a timely manner, formation of acne scars can be prevented relatively easily. Treating existing acne and preventing new acne lesions from forming - and ultimately causing acne scarring, is the reason that so many patients suffering from acne in Toronto seek the experience and expert help of Dr Krakowsky.


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