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Topical Hyperhidrosis Treatments Serving Toronto

In mild cases hyperhidrosis may be topically treated with over the counter medication. Most commonly, antiperspirants work well when sweating is moderate. As the severity of hyperhidrosis condition increases, however, the concentration of aluminum chloride hexahydrate (aluminum salts are the active ingredient in most antiperspirants) must also increase. The most potent topical hyperhidrosis remedies with aluminum salts may contain as much as 35% of this ingredient. It should be noted however, that high concentrations of aluminum chloride are rarely recommended due to an increased risk of localized burning and irritation. Because of this, hyperhidrosis treatments with aluminum salts often start with low doses and gradually increase until the treatment starts to show results. In addition, it is important to ensure that skin is dry before the application of this type of treatment because moisture will increases the odds of burning and irritation. In certain cases hydrocortisone cream may be prescribed to reduce irritation associated with the application of high concentration aluminum salts. Since hyperhidrosis treatments with aluminum salts can lead to skin irritation, they are not as effective in more sensitive areas such as underarms or the face and around the eyes.

Glutaraldehyde solution is the active ingredient in another type of topical hyperhidrosis treatment. This type of topical hyperhidrosis treatment can be effective but is not commonly used because it produces a brownish discoloration where it is applied. Yet another topical hyperhidrosis solution contains formalin solution. The use of this solution has been on a steady decline because of its objectionable odor and likelihood of producing allergic reactions.

The popularity of Botox to control excessive sweating for our Toronto hyperhidrosis patients is not only rooted in its effectiveness, but also in its convenience and practicality. A single Botox treatment at Dr Krakowsky's Toronto hyperhidrosis clinic will control excessive sweating for several months. No need for daily treatments with substances that can cause irritation, leave your skin stained or leave behind unpleasant odors. For this reason, Dr Krakowsky recommends Botox injections for his moderate to severe Toronto hyperhidrosis patients.


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